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Feb, 7. 2018

Typo3 is a content management system with high performance, flexibility and high SEO

Typo3 was originally built in 1999 for a few small customers of a developer named Kasper Skaarhoj. He wanted a backend that would allow customers to maintain their own content, store it in a database and then output it in the frontend. Meanwhile, the open source project is one of the most widespread CMS in Germany and has a high reputation worldwide. It is attacked only by Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla, but all of them have different focuses. Typo3 is so popular because it allows for flexible changes with high code-quality standards ( MVC model ) and meanwhile incorporates dynamic templates such as Fluid or Twig (up to version 8 it was reserved for Fluid ).

In addition to these features, it offers Typoscript, which makes it much easier for beginners to make system changes, meta tags and frontend output. With great enhancements like Realurl or the Bootstrap Package it has nearly all the requirements for a perfect system. The only drawback here is the accessibility, which we also want to facilitate with our blog something. In addition, there are great tutorials for web editors and developers - most notably Jweiland, a Typo3 Platinum Partner and Hoster.