Do you need your own website as a creative creator?

Are your own pages superfluous in times of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram? Or is it worthwhile to invest time and money in your own, independent side today? We shed light on the facts and give tips for beginners and professionals. Take advantage of your own advertising, make more money and have a more reliable source of income that is totally under your control.

We explain why your own homepage can really be worthwhile for YouTubers

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Feb, 2. 2018

How much effort does a page make and what can you earn by advertising?

This article answers some of the questions about having your own website, with a particular focus on creators, who often limit themselves to social networking and potentially put a lot of potential into it. Having your own webpage may be a bit extra, but does not it make you independent of the big players on the market, and helps you get closer to your dream of being a full-time professional video maker? We clarify and show the opportunities and risks step by step and, of course, make all sorts of recommendations.

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What good is it for me as a creator (video creator) to run my own website?

There are many reasons for having your own page. On the one hand, of course, there would be independence over other sites. Of course, each of them is somehow dependent and even most big businesses depend on how well they are ranked on Google , so how high up are the key keywords with the respective company. But some kind of independence can still be achieved. A simple example: tomorrow, YouTube will be closed . You may switch to Vimeo and explain its followers on the social networks. Unfortunately, most of them have been linked only through YouTube, and search queries still show the old videos on Google, but they all go nowhere. If you had planned on time and secured the best keywords (like your YouTube name) in at least the Top 10 , more people would have followed the new portal .

Of course, the financial aspect should not be neglected: while YouTube can turn off at any time, for example because videos become dememonetized or, because even the whole account is blocked ( copyright infringement ), you can continue your own page relatively unhindered, as long as you move in the legal framework . Negotiating with Partners is also at a whole new level if you're not one of many creators but communicate directly with your affiliates and a professionally made website < / strong>.

Lost potential is the last big thing on the list. Most people already know that you have to link to the Internet to be successful. With each & nbsp; link from good external source & nbsp ;, the rating of your own page increases and so many have their chance to be part of link power in every video and channel to farm (as the gamer would say). A simple entry into the predefined video description (as high as possible, so that it is visible without unfolding) and already receives a relatively widespread YouTuber a high visibility index and thus many searches that are directed to his website.

The effort of own website

Quality rather than quantity is the motto here

Many may think that the hassle is immense: write new articles every day, do the videos all by hand (with title, image, etc.) and then also reply to comments, delete and users lock. But that can be counteracted to a large extent with a intelligently built page . On the one hand there is a YouTube API for querying all channels, videos, comments, ratings and much more. And second, you do not need new items every day. It's even an advantage to limit yourself to a few sub-pages and not to pile up countless pages like a botnet : Quality is the motto instead of quantity. A good article on a popular topic a month, with good keyword distribution and some pictures, preferably page speed optimized and you should be on the right path.

The danger that lurks

Of course there are dangers and problems that lurk on the Webmaster on the internet. On the one hand there are the Abmahnanwälte , who check each picture three times and see if the imprint is also included on every page. This is a real danger and should not be underestimated. Therefore, we always recommend to get professional advice on every website or to make yourself know about various internet contributions. But in principle, if you have an imprint and do not include pictures without asking and otherwise do not engage in any illegal activities (by law in your country or server of the site), you're safe with your own page < / strong>.

Where is the money?

Nowadays you can make money in many places: backlinks, affiliate programs or normal Google Adsense banner ads. In any case, having your own page is well beyond the value you could ever get from YouTube per video view. Of course, the number varies depending on the content and traffic and luck, but most major Internet portals with dozens of employees already earn their money, so why wait, when the market has never been so big and you have the followers to implement something?

Example of a well built, dynamic and easy to maintain page

A well-built page should run fast, with little overhead and handle everything that can automatically be processed into content. The page we're introducing here has already incorporated many of these presets, building from pre-selected playlists via a Typo3 extension that's free on the market, YouTube videos from the channel , All you have to do is create pages and select a few playlists. Adding new videos to this playlist including thumbnail, title and video will then take on the fully automatic extension

So the only thing you have to do is with a few pages a page title, a H1 and possibly H2 and the Meta description enter. A job that can be done in under 5 minutes per page. Of course, here are all important information and links to the author of the site, so the creator to find. This is a one-time cost of perhaps two hours, leading the page back to YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, but without the risk of links going bad, because at some point the accounts were renamed or disabled - such Of course, entries can easily be edited at any time via Content Management System .

Dynamic and high-performance creator website

Here's the code to embed a YouTube video or a complete playlist


<iframe width="560" height="315" title="Intel Meltdown Video" src="" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen>

<iframe width="560" height="315" title="Lightningsoul YouTube Playlist Example" src="" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen>

Remember to add the title element when copying the code from YouTube. This makes sense from the point of view of SEO as well as to screen readers (such as blind users), because this title gives the crawler information about the content of the iframe. Of course, you can implement a stream from Twitch as well as its chat from a channel.

Embed Twitch Livestream Video to Own Website via Iframe


<!-- Add a placeholder for the Twitch embed -->
<div id="twitch-embed"></div>

<!-- Load the Twitch embed script -->
<script src=""></script>

<!-- Create a Twitch.Embed object that will render within the "twitch-embed" root element. -->
<script type="text/javascript">
new Twitch.Embed("twitch-embed", {
width: 854,
height: 480,
channel: "lightningsoul"

Seize the opportunity in 2018, because SEO takes time. Google does not crawl your page and thinks: how good is this - off to rank #1 with it!

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