How does search engine optimization work and which HTML elements should be urgently adapted?

H1, H2, Meta, or just write good lyrics? We explain how the Rabbit or rather the Google Bot is running and what you should be aware of. In addition, we give recommendations and show code examples.

We explain what content is important to your page's ranking on Google and what else you should be adjusting

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Feb, 3. 2018

Is search engine optimization the way to gold at the end of the rainbow?

There are already numerous articles, blog entries and books about SEO. Here we mainly highlight the technical aspects and pass on concrete code examples to you. We also show the importance of each element and how you can easily and quickly optimize your site. Here we focus on Typo3, but also show examples of Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal and self-built pages. Search engine optimization has never been so easy!

Of course, we also give you all sorts of tools and programs for search engine optimization (English: Search Engine Optimization, hence the abbreviation SEO) in the hand. From Sistrix to the compulsory Google Search Console, which has just released a new beta, to local programs such as SearchMetrics or any crawler, to performance reviewers such as Pagespeed Insights or Pingdom. After all, the performance of your site is important for your ranking. If, of course, always the content should be in the foreground.

If somebody develops a formula to turn iron into gold, it's likely to replace search engine optimization as the easiest source of revenue.