Learn programming languages and know which one is best for your application

There are many programming languages, but the choices are often difficult. Do you build your API in Google Golang or rather in Java, or do you completely abandon an API and build your project centrally in a PHP Symfony framework? We highlight the pros and cons and give especially beginners good tips and show the first code, as well as highly complex applications.

We pass on our experience and tips regarding common programming languages to you

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What is Typo3?

Typo3 is a Content Management System (CMS) that is great for SEO, but also offers high performance. It is flexible, costs nothing and offers an excellent (responsive) backend since version 8 LTS.


What do you need Sass (scss files) for?

Sass is a compiler for creating CSS. Here you use functions, variables or mixins to build a CSS framework for your website. The big advantage lies in the good maintainability and the fast switching of layout variations by few adjustments in your sourcecode.

The Adventure of Learning Programming Languages (PHP, Java, Golang, Advanced Javascript)

HTML is not a programming language but a syntax.

A sentence that everyone has heard before. Programming Languages ​​ differ from structural data in principle by the logic that can be used. This means you can not define variables or declare functions in HTML. They do not have any classes and are thus dependent on putting down their own HTML file for each page. However, modern content management systems have only one index.php in which to execute all logic. If it's still built on MVC model , it loads templates, objects, classes , and functions through interfaces and methods.

HTML5 offers some extension to classic HTML, but you can not do without a programming language, depending on the application. Here we present web-specific but also classical programming languages ​​and highlight advantages and disadvantages. We also show our best apps, programs and extensions so you can use, extend and understand them.