Controlling is an area of business administration that mainly contributes to cost optimization

Controlling will not automatically solve all your problems, but you will be able to point out serious grievances and propose solutions and improvements. Important indicators for controlling are targets such as profit, profitability and contribution margin. For the controller, cost accounting is an important area at the discretion of the operating business.

Controlling is about analyzing existing operating practices and improving them to be a lean, efficient company

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May, 23. 2018

Why do we write about controlling?

Controlling is one of the most important areas of a company. Those who are not permanently analyzed, optimized and further developed lose valuable percentages compared to their competitors. It is not just about making savings, but also permanently questioning the efficiency of employees and work tools and also to operate for the benefit of maximum value creation.

A simple example would be a ten-year-old printer that does not work on a regular basis and thus frustrates employees and costs valuable time and money. You really do not need any controllers here to quickly realize that an immediate replacement would not be recommended. But in more complicated business processes, it actually makes sense to have at least one controller in the company that is ideally intelligent enough to understand, analyze, and optimize processes across departments.

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