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Our Blog Explained in One Page

There are millions of blogs in the world wide web – who needs another one?

As a matter of fact this exact reason is ours for releasing another blog in the www. The problem with all those information on the web is that often it is hard to find what you are looking for. Another side on our blog is that we are focussing on elements and topics that have not yet been published by anyone else – at least not in a quality that suffices.

Therefor we are creating this blog not only for you, the people hopefully reading this – but also for us as an encyclopedia that we can save our ideas and techniques in.

Please be sure to check your chosen versions of frameworks and Typo3 / PHP before asking for help. It might just be that your current version does not support the kinds of software we discuss, yet. That is why we always define versions of used source code in the related posts with additional download information for such files.

So enough with introducing our ideas – have fun reading!


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