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Sep, 28. 2016


This site features interresting topics around development, politics and social life as well as guides on Typo3, HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Windows and a lot of other informative stuff for developers and advanced users.

For continous information please visit our blog. In there we will keep updating information on all kinds of topics and are also available for answering your personal questions in the comment sections of each blog post. In case you are interrested in general advice, please use our contact form.

We are highly interrested in conversations that are held with high standards and the basic netiquette. So, please be nice to others and do not hesitate to answer questions from other users ahead of us.

This project runs on Typo3 7.6.2. and we want to thank all the people who create open-source software such as this CMS or just general javascript frameworks like jQuery, bootstrap and so on. You are making the web a better place for us all – especially for developers.

Have a nice stay.

Programming is all about developing a sense of finesse for making something work as simple as possible.

Jack (01/22/2013) on Stackoverflow

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